How To Release Stress | Types of How To Release Stress
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Types of How To Release Stress

Types of How To Release Stress

In modern times, stress is often not caused as the result of physical danger, but rather psychological distress. Most of us experience this either constantly or from time to time. Deadlines on your job, marital problems, family problems, financial problems, the list is almost endless. Consider the day of a typical office worker in modern societies. The wake up in the morning, rush to get prepared for work, and then they endure a long, hectic, and yes stressful commute to work. After arriving at their office, they have to answer numerous emails and respond to numerous requests that are waiting for them. Then they have to work on several projects that have very tight deadlines. They don’t have much time to eat lunch, and then at the end of the day, there is that ever present stressful commute home. When they arrive at home, typically, there are large bills waiting for them in their mailbox!
The problem with modern stress is that it is continuous. The human body has not evolved to handle this continuous stress. Consequently, it has a very adverse effect not only on the psychological state of a person but their physical condition as well. The psychological and the physiological condition of an individual are so closely intertwined that it is almost impossible to separate the two. This results in a continuous flow of cortisol from the adrenal glands. It increases the heart rate and blood pressure, increases blood glucose values, and depresses the immune system. Clearly, these are very undesirable effects of stress ! The question then arises, what can we do about it? How to release stress?

To complain about stress is one thing. To diminish or alleviate it is quite another. It is much more easily stated, than accomplished. That being said, there are some ways to release stress. There are some things we can do to at least help reduce our stress level. It is unrealistic to assume that we can alleviate stress altogether, to do so would require a complete withdrawal from modern society.

One of the best ways to release stress is to engage in regular, strenuous physical exercise. Strenuous exercise, such as running, swimming, weight lifting, exercise classes, and a host of other exercises can go a long way toward reducing your level of stress. Furthermore, strenuous exercise causes the body to release endorphins which promote a sense of well-being and reduce stress levels.

Another factor that results in added stress is lack of sleep. With their hectic schedules, many people skimp on sleep. Of course this does not give the body a chance to relax and recover from the prior days stress levels and it perpetuates a very stressful mental state. Consequently, if at all possible, carve out eight hours a day for sleep. It will likely reduce your stress level, boost your energy level, and make you more productive in your waking hours.

In order to reduce your stress level, it is also quite helpful to reduce your consumption of caffeine containing drinks. Coffee is the primary culprit. It seems as if the majority of us begin the day with a cup or two of coffee. This serves to make us more alert, temporarily, but it also induces and adds to or level of stress. If you are feeling overwhelmed with stress, you should really try to eliminate caffeine containing drinks, this includes, coffee, tea, and a variety of caffeine containing soft drinks. To make matters even worse, many people are in the habit of using “energy drinks”?, which contain large amounts of caffeine and other stimulants. Eliminating these types of beverages will go a long way toward reducing your stress to a manageable level.

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