How To Release Stress | Stress Management
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Stress Management

3 Stress Reducing Techniques

You may think that all the stress you’re dealing with will eventually take a toll on you. With so many things to worry about, your days will definitely be affected for the worst. You have bills to pay, you don’t have enough time to address your responsibilities and you hardly get to be with your friends and family members. Of course, you need to realize that you can actually take control of your life a lot more than you’ve imagined. All it takes is making use of some stress management techniques that can help you get through the day without anxieties and burdens.

1. Meditation – A lot of people make the misconception that meditation is all about getting into awkward bodily positions and repeating mantras over and over again. However, the fact is that any repetitive gesture or action can be considered meditation. This even includes walking, stretching, painting or just about any activity which can help you keep calm during tense moments. If you’re simply worried about your job or some relationship that might be hitting a rocky patch as of the moment, perform any activity which keeps you relaxed for even just 10 minutes every day. This will definitely help you reduce stress levels.

2. Visualizing yourself in a relaxed state – Although the thoughts that invade our minds can make it quite difficult for us to meditate, we just need to think of something that can distract us from our worries. This thing could be something that you’d love to do or be a part of, such as going on a vacation, a certain person who makes you smile or something that’s tangible, like you favorite sweater or a book you love reading. The whole point of it is to keep your mind off the things that stress you out and substitute those thoughts with something positive. This can bring some tranquility to you.

3. Breathing deeply – This is one of the more common stress management techniques that people engage in. When stressed, you usually breathe in a tense and shallow manner. Change your breathing pattern. Slow down. If you must, you can just let out a rather loud sigh and visualize all those frustrations of yours going out with the air you’re breathing out. Whichever pattern you prefer to use, repeat this for at least 10 times, as this can make you feel even more relaxed with each breath taken.

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